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Sustainable Agriculture Institute


Sustainable Agriculture Institute Office of the Registrar



Vision, Mission, Values, and Goals


Vision Statement


The Sustainable Agricultural Institute will meet the changing needs of society by building on its traditions of innovation, problem-solving, and interdisciplinarity.

S.A.I. aims to provide every human being, especially those who are social, economically, and/or physically underprivileged, with life-long learning opportunities for their intellectual, professional, spiritual, and leadership development and growth.

S.A.I. Foundation Statement

“Making Education Affordable For All
Makes Education Accessible To All”

 Institute Foundation Statement

S.A.I.’s Five Driving Principles of Sustainable Development:

  1. The Most Inexpensive and Competitive Tuition Rates;
  2. Education for International Students Certification in their home country (after completing the requirement through 100% online education);
  3. Scholarships or financial assistance to the underprivileged or less fortunate (e.g., disable, deaf, or blind), military, or seniors;
  4. Practical Hands-on Education (e.g., case studies and practicum);
  5. Grants to Registered Non-Profit Organizations supporting Education and Environmental Action in developing countries.


Mission Statement


To create and disseminate knowledge through research and creative inquiry, through teaching and learning, and to transfer our intellectual product to enhance society in meaningful and sustainable ways.

To serve our students by teaching them problem-solving, leadership, and teamwork skills, and the value of a commitment to quality, ethical behavior, and respect for others.

To achieve these ends by pursuing the advantages of a diverse and relatively small community, open to the exchange of ideas, where discovery, creativity, as well as personal and professional development can flourish.


Shared Values Statement

In support of our mission, we value:

  • operating with a global mindset in all organizational functions and actions;
  • providing our services with the highest quality;
  • collegiality and peer engagement in continuous improvement;
  • conducting ourselves with the highest level of integrity and mutual respect;
  • embracing diversity in advancing quality management education worldwide;
  • conducting ourselves in a socially responsible manner that benefits our local and worldwide communities.


Organizational Goals Statements

Reinforcing the Core Curriculum

Goal 1:

SAI advances excellence in collegiate management education through world-class accreditation and quality assurance services.

Goal 2:

SAI informs and influences management education stakeholders through research, communication, and outreach.

Goal 3:

SAI assists the world by addressing sustainability in the management of education challenges and by improving the quality of sustainable education through an array of comprehensive value-added services.