Sustainable Agriculture Institute

Board Task Forces Committees


Board task forces advise the Board on specific topics as necessary. Specific outputs of task force activities may include recommendations to the Board or policy papers.


Board task forces, which are formed by Board action, specify a clear mission, expected output, size and composition guidelines, start date, and end date. The Board also may specify dates for interim reports/updates.

The Chair appoints Board task force members and chairs. To facilitate communication, at least one Board task force member must be a member of the Board. Other individuals may be invited to participate in meetings as subject matter experts or leaders in a particular topic area.

The President and CEO appoints a management staff liaison for each Board task force. Board task forces will be structured so that they do not interfere with the wholeness of the Board’s job or with delegation from the Board to the President and CEO.

Operating Guidelines

1. Board task forces are formed to assist the Board rather than to help or advise staff.

2. Board task forces may not speak or act for the Board except when formally given such authority for specific and time-related purposes. Expectations and authority will be carefully stated to avoid conflict with authority delegated to the President and CEO.

3. Board task forces cannot exercise authority over staff. Because the President and CEO works for the full Board, he or she will not be required to obtain approval of a Board task force before taking action.

4. The policies in this section do not apply to staff task forces or advisory councils formed under the authority of the President and CEO.

5. Board task force chairs are responsible for meeting agendas and facilitation.

6. Staff liaisons will assist the Board task force chair to plan and convene face-to-face, voice, or electronic meetings.

7. Meeting materials will normally be provided by the staff liaison to Board task force members at least one week before each meeting.

8. Staff liaisons will prepare and distribute meeting summaries to Board task force members within 30 days following each meeting. The Board task force must approve meeting summaries within 60 days following each meeting.

9. Members are reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses in accordance with SAI travel policies, but members do not receive fees for their services to SAI.