Online Permaculture Design Consulting Course


The Online Permaculture Design Consulting Course teaches the fundamentals of what a Permaculture Consultant does for their clients. The Permaculture Student is shown the Permaculture Consulting Process which is broken down into 15 steps.

As a Permaculture Consultant the design process is focused on the client. The Permaculture Consulting Design Process starts with the “Client First Contact” and ends at the “Continual Improvement Process“.

To be a truly professional Permaculture Consultant one needs to both be able to make professional Permaculture Master Plans but also have the communication skills and documentation.

The Permaculture Consulting Design Process utilizes Worksheets that help guide each step of the process which allows the budding Design Consultant the opportunity to follow a professional methodology that will help to assure the professionalism of their Permaculture Consulting Works.


“Working with your clients and understanding their needs while guided by a Professional Process will always help to assure both your clients’ happiness and your projects’ success.” — Beau Wickboldt, PhD.

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Core Curriculum Components of the Permaculture Consulting Course

Online Permaculture Consulting Course – 21h53min

Module 01 - Client First Consulting Contact


Module 05 - Permaculture Site Analysis Process


Module 09 - Permaculture Systems Design


Module 13 - Permaculture Project Budgeting


Module 02 - Client Questionnaire And Interview


Module 06 - Permaculture Design Concepts


Module 10 - Permaculture Master Plan Design Process


Module 14 - Permaculture Project Implementation


Module 03 - Permaculture Goals Articulation Process


Module 07 - Permaculture Design Methods


Module 11 - Permaculture Project Management


Module 15 - Continual Improvement Process


Module 04 - Permaculture Ethics And Principles


Module 08 - Design Elements Analysis Process


Module 12 - Permaculture Project Scheduling


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