Hands-On Practicals Series – Online Permaculture Design Course Components


While Beau is a gifted Permaculture Design Lecturer, his real talent is in the Research, Development, Design, and Construction of Permaculture Design Systems. The Permaculture Design Systems at Rak Tamachat make it one of the premier Permaculture Design Education and Research Institutes in the world.

The Rak Tamachat Online Permaculture Design Course – Practical Series is what really makes the Rak Tamachat PDC one of the best online Permaculture Courses in the world! You will get a first-person viewpoint of all the Permaculture Design in Hands-on Practicals which will guide you through the running of the Rak Tamachat Permaculture Farm.

Beau uses the Permaculture Design Systems to move the Permaculture Design Classroom outdoors. This shows you how the Permaculture Design Theories and Permaculture Design Strategies discussed in the Lecture Series are implemented on a real operating Permaculture Farm. The Rak Permaculture Design Practicals are what set the Rak Tamachat Online Permaculture Design Course apart.

Learn the power of Permaculture with Hands-on Teaching in an Experiential Learning Environment.

Hands-On Practicals Series Modules


Module 01 – Making Compost


Compost, the Foundation of Organic Farming. Learn to make Compost with the resources you have at hand. The Step-by-Step Compost Making Process allows you to create the Nutrient-rich organic fertilization your garden needs. Compost forms the Basis of our Permaculture Lifestyle! Feed the Soil and Feed Yourself!


Module 02 – Vermiculture


The Soil is Life, without good soils we will have poor quality foods. Worms are one of the most important aspects of the “Soil Food Web“. Learn all the Secrets of Farming with Worms (Vermiculture). Learn the Step-by-Step Process, from starting your worm farm, feeding, harvesting, upvaluing by creating niche products, etc.


Module 03 – Designer Soil


Permaculturists know that all life starts in the Soil. Learn to make Designer Soils by learning how the “Soil Food Web” works and then building the perfect balance of soils additives to make world-class organic Soil. Our plants love the correct proportions of Nutrients, Structures, and Effective Microorganisms.


Module 04 – Liquid Fertilizer


Learn how to make the Correct Soil Structure by adding in Organic Fertilizers. Permaculturists know that to assure the Correct Nutrients are in the food we grow, they must be in the Soil. Learn how to use Anaerobic Composting / Fermentation to make concentrated Nutrient-Rich Organic Liquid Fertilizers.


Module 05 – Plant Propagation


Learning how to properly propagate your plants and trees opens the World of Permaculture to you and your family. In this Series, you will learn the Five Plant Propagation Techniques used by Professional Permaculturists. Learn how to: Save-Seeds, Suckering, Rhizome Separation, Air Layering, and Grafting.


Module 06 – Swales & Levels


Permaculture draws on a wide array of Skills, one of the strongest is Earthworking. When we start a Permaculture Design after assessing the Sites Access, we plan the Water Flows with Earthworks using an A-frame and Site Level. Permaculture uses Earthworks to: “Slow it Down, Spread it Out, Sink it In“.

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