Permaculture Homesteading Course – Online Permaculture Design Course



When people find Permaculture, they find their connection with Nature. When we start to grow our own food, we also inherently find love for preparing them. The Permaculture Homesteading Course is where we transform the bounty from our gardens into nutritious and delicious food for our family and friends.


We have added the Homesteading Course as the techniques we use to make some of the most remembered and enjoyed products from the Rak Tamachat Kitchen.


Sharing the love for making our own products and the joy of a student learning something new, which can save their family money and provide a healthy alternative to corporately produced foods, is amazing.


Come learn how we make saving money and the planet a fun and enjoyable activity!

This Course is included in the online Permaculture Design Course!

Permaculture Homesteading Practical Course Modules

1 The Art Of Tea Roasting

Module 01 - The Art Of Tea Roasting

24 min

From Rak Tamachat’s kitchen, Lin will teach you the art of roasting mulberry tea leaves, as it has been done in Thailand for centuries.

2 Homemade Granola

Module 02 - Homemade Granola Bars


Everyone likes a quick snack once in a while, and granola bars are the healthiest you can get to satiate your hunger until the next meal.

3 Homemade Tofu

Module 03 - Homemade Soy Milk & Tofu


Lin teaches us how to easily make homemade tofu, and get soy milk as well as okara in the process. A 3-in-1 lesson in healthy food making.

4 Homemade Tempeh

Module 04 - Homemade Tempeh


Lin will teach you the process of making homemade tempeh, a delicious vegan option to diversify your meals and give you all the proteins you need.

5 Homemade Liquid Soap

Module 05 - Homemade Liquid Soap


Liquid soap is one of the most used household items, and Lin will teach you how easy and inexpensive it is to make some at home.

6 Homemade Bar Soap

Module 06 - Homemade Bar Soap


“Cleanliness is next to godliness” they say, and you’ll feel divine when you get to make a year’s worth of homemade soap bars in just a few minutes.


7 Natural Toothpaste Powder

Module 07 - Natural Tooth Paste Powder


Lin will teach you how to make a really efficient natural toothpaste powder, the same way Thai people have been doing for generations.

8 Homemade Fesh Cheese

Module 08 - Homemade Fresh Cheese


Fresh Cheese Making is so easy, you won’t believe it! And if you let it sit in a refrigerator, it can turn it to hard cheese and grate it on your pasta or pizza.

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