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The Online Permaculture Design Course

SAI is proud to offer the Rak Tamachat Online Permaculture Design Course (oPDC) in an amazing online format. The online Permaculture Course has all the components of a physical PDC, but can be taken in the convenience of one’s home, in their own time schedule.

The ability for a Permaculture Student to access the Permaculture Design Curriculum Online at their leisure opens the field of online Permaculture Design and Sustainable Education to an ever wider audience and helps to bring the message of Permanent Agriculture and Cultural Systems to a larger field of students.

     Only 395.00 USD

The online platform is powered by the SAI Learning Management System (LMS) and conforms to  ISO 21001:2018(en) – Educational organizations, as pertaining to Management systems for educational organizations. We are also proud to offer a Free Permaculture Design Course Introduction to help spread the word of Permaculture.

SAI strives to bring the life-changing knowledge of Sustainability to a wider audience through its online Sustainability Courses. To this effect, we formed a partnership with one of the leading Permaculture Education Centers in the world: Rak Tamachat.

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If an image is worth a thousand words, wait to see our platform in motion. 

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Course Cost

RakTamachat and the Sustainable Agriculture Institute want to share

The Power of Permaculture Design with the World


We Priced the Online PDC Accordingly!!!


395.00 USD 

How to Register?


Have you decided to take the Permaculture Challenge and get Certified as a Professional Designer? Registration for our course could not be any easier: just click on any Registration button on the page and you will be guided through the simple sign-up process.

Need Any Assistance?


At SAI, Sustainable Education and Permaculture Design are our Passions and we are always happy to answer any questions you may have concerning any of our Sustainability or Permaculture Design Courses.

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Core Curriclum Components

The Online Permaculture Design Course

Core Curriculum Components

Over 40 Hrs of Video Content


oPDC for Only 395 USD

All the Core Curriculum Components of the Onsite Permaculture Design Course


+ 30 Hrs of Video

The Permaculture Lecture Series comprises all the Lectures in the standard Rak Tamachat Permaculture Design Course. We worked to Digitize the Course and deliver the learning experience to you through our Learning Managment Systems, allowing for online students the same valuable Permaculture Design Knowledge taught on physical courses at the Rak Tamchat Campus. You can now learn all about Permaculture Design and Sustainability from the comfort of your own home.


+ 7 Hrs of Video

Only the SAI online Permaculture Design Course comes with a Permaculture in Practice Practical Series, which gives you the complete Physical Permaculture Design Course Experience afforded to the Rak Tamachat physical students. You will love being able to see all the Permaculture Practicals performed in a First-person Experience. You will feel just like you were there and Beau is teaching you directly. You will learn all the tools you need to be a Professional Permaculturist and a master organic gardener.

E- Online Design Permaculture Course - Animal Husbandry Series D

+ 3 Hrs of Video

The online Permaculture Animal Husbandry Series allows one to rediscover the connection between plants and animals and the special role of the Human as a Caregiver and Protector. We learn how to provide the right habitat, food and shelter for our Permaculture Animal Systems ensuring that we raise our animals in the respect they deserve for their place in the food chain.

Online Permaculture Design Course


395 USD


Parting with Money for Education is not Easy – What Do You Get for Your Money?

You can Learn More Below about what you will Receive for this Amazingly Low Price. We have detailed all the Online Permaculture Course Components, so you know exactly what you are paying for with your hard earned money.

SAI operates as a Not for Profit Organization which allows us to offer you the Most Comprehensive Online Permaculture Design Course at prices everyone can afford. We believe the Life Changing Message of Permaculture should reach as many people in the world as possible.

The world only needs more Permaculturists” – Beau Wickboldt

The World’s Most Comprehensive, Some Say the Best Online Permaculture Design Course

Beau Wickboldt – Professional Permaculture Designer and Educator

Beau is one of the Leading Permaculture Design Educators in the world today. He works to spread Sustainable Education throughout the world. He climbed the corporate ladder until he found Permaculture Design (his Passion) and decided to take his Permaculture Design Knowledge and put it to work by teaching others. Retiring as a Technical Services Manager, he takes an engineering approach to Permaculture and Natural Building. He works to show how we can break down what may seem like complex Permaculture Design subjects to smaller parts, and then use them to build our Permaculture Systems. He brings Systems-Based Thinking to Permaculture Design and believes in teaching Permaculture “By the Book“, as taught by the founder of Permaculture: Bill Mollison. Beau believes that everyone can be a Master Permaculturist and he makes learning easy by explaining complex subjects in simple language.

As Albert Einstein once said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

Beau has made his Passion the learning of Permaculture Design and Sharing it with the world in a simple, but yet profound, way.

Professional Permaculture Designer Certification

Permaculture Designer Certification Certificate Awards

As a graduate of the online Permaculture Design Course, you will be awarded a full Permaculture Designer Certification as bestowed upon the graduates of the Rak Tamachat on-campus course, for the online Permaculture Design Course contains all the components that the on-campus students are taught. You can learn all the Design Theory, Design Science, Design Strategies and Implementation Strategies from the convenience of your home, and get a fully certified and recognized Professional Permaculture Designer Certification.

Becoming a professional Permaculture Designer is a life-changing experience and we are proud to be the choice of many of the leading Permaculturists entering the Permaculture Design market, whether it be designing their own farms, working to learn to be a Permaculture Design Educator or a Permaculture Design Consultant.

You can never stop learning about Permaculture, the journey will take you to places you have never imagined. Learn more about SAI’s Permaculture Design Diploma Program and Masters of Sustainability in Permaculture Design Here.