The Online Permaculture Design Course


SAI is proud to offer the Rak Tamachat Online Permaculture Design Course (oPDC) in an amazing online format. The online Permaculture Design Course has all the components of a physical PDC, but can be taken in the convenience of one’s home, in their own time schedule.


The ability of a Permaculture Student to access the Permaculture Design Curriculum Online at their leisure opens the field of online Permaculture Design and Sustainable Education to an ever-wider audience and helps to bring the message of Permanent Agriculture and Cultural Systems to a larger field of students.


The online platform e Campus online Permacultrue Design Course Platformis powered by the SAI Learning Management System (LMS) and conforms to  ISO 21001:2018(en) – Educational organizations, as pertaining to Management systems for educational organizations. We are also proud to offer a Free Online Permaculture Design Course Introduction to help spread the word of Permaculture.


SAI strives to bring the Life-Changing Knowledge of Sustainability to a wider audience through its online Sustainability Courses. To this effect, we formed a partnership with one of the leading Permaculture Education Centers in the world: Rak Tamachat.

First Lesson Free Online Permaculture Design Course

 If an image is worth a thousand words,

wait to see our platform in motion.


Get your First Online Permaculture Introduction for Free!

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Online Permaculture Design Course – What Do You Get for Your Money?


We have detailed all the Online Permaculture Course Components, so you know exactly what you are paying for with your hard-earned money.

SAI operates as a Not-for-Profit Organization which allows us to offer you the Most Comprehensive Online Permaculture Design Course at prices everyone can afford. We believe the Life-Changing Message of Permaculture should reach as many people in the world as possible.


The world only needs more Permaculturists Beau Wickboldt



SAI’s online PDC is the World’s Most Comprehensive, Some Say the Best, Online Permaculture Design Course there is!

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Online Permaculture Design Course – Course Cost


RakTamachat and the Sustainable Agriculture Institute want to share

The Power of Permaculture Design with the World


We Priced the Online Permaculture Design Course Accordingly!!!


What Is Included In the Course Cost?





You want to have an SAI Educator Review Your Master Plan and discuss it with you before the Final Submission?


No Problem: you can book an appointment for a private video call with a Professional Permaculture Educator

for only 50 USD/hour!





Please note:

At SAI, Course Costs are calculated on a basis of 50 USD per hour of video provided.

In order to lower the cost of the online PDC, SAI chose to not include any educator interaction fee in the course cost. 

You are welcome to communicate with our Education Team for free through emails.

However, if a student desires private supervision and mentorship, the session will incur an additional cost of 50 USD per hour.

Need Any Assistance?


Sustainable Education and Online Permaculture Design are our Passions and we are always happy to answer any questions you may have concerning any of our Sustainability or Online Permaculture Design Courses. At SAI, we’re here for you!

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Online Permaculture Design Course – Core Curriculum Components


The Online Permaculture Design Course

Core Curriculum Components

SAI's online Permaculture Design Course curriculum


52 Hrs of Original Video Content

for Only 245 USD

All the Core Curriculum Components of the Onsite Permaculture Design Course

SAI - Online Permaculture Design Course - oPDC

+ 30 Hrs of Videos

The Permaculture Design Lecture Course comprises all the Lectures in the standard Rak Tamachat Permaculture Design Course. We worked to Digitize the Course and deliver the learning experience to you through our Learning Management Systems, allowing for online students the same valuable Permaculture Design Knowledge taught on physical courses at the Rak Tamachat Campus. You can now learn all about Permaculture Design and Sustainability from the comfort of your own home.

oPDC Online Permaculture Design Practical Course SAI

+ 12.5 Hrs of Videos

Only the SAI online Permaculture Design Course comes with a Permaculture-in-Practice Course, which gives you the complete Physical Permaculture Design Course Experience afforded to the Rak Tamachat physical students. You will love being able to see all the Permaculture Practicals performed in a First-Person Experience. You will feel just like you were there and Beau is teaching you directly. You will learn all the tools you need to be a Professional Permaculturist and a master organic gardener.

oPAC Online Permaculture Animal Husbandry Course SAI

+ 3.5 Hrs of Videos

The online Permaculture Animal Husbandry Cousre allows one to rediscover the connection between plants and animals and the special role of the Human as a Caregiver and Protector. Since a Holistic Approach is an essential component of a well-managed Permaculture Farm, in this course we learn how to provide the right habitat, food and shelter for our Permaculture Animal Systems ensuring that we raise our animals in the respect they deserve for their place in the food chain.

oMCC Online Mushroom Cultivation Course SAI

+ 2.5 Hrs of Videos

SAI’s online Permaculture Design Course comes with a Full Mushroom Cultivation Practical Course included in the price! Beau and Colonel Pack Dee, one of the leading specialists of mushroom cultivation in Thailand, as they take you through a Step-By-Step Learning Journey in the amazing world of funghi. Whether to feed your family or to start your own commercial operation, this course will give you all you need to understand how to Cultivate Mushrooms Like a Professional.

oPHC Online Permaculture Homesteading Course SAI

+ 2.5 Hrs of Videos

Permaculture is about Sustainability and, on a an individual or familial level, that means being able to become independant. The Permaculture Homesteading Course will allow you to learn how to make your own essential natural household items Easily, Rapidly and Inexpensively. From Soap Making to Toothpaste Powder Making, from Homemade Tempeh to Homemade Cheese, SAI’s Permaculture Homesteading Course will help you become More Sustainable and Self-Reliant

Online Permaculture Design Course Core Components – Classroom Lectures Course

The Online Permaculture Design Lecture Course, as presented by world-renowned Permaculture Design Educator Beau Wickboldt.

Beau is the founder and lead educator at the Rak Tamachat Permaculture and Natural Building Education Institute. Beau has a gift for bringing complex subjects to life with simple, easy to understand language, that allows for non-technical learners the ability to grasp the complex nature of Permaculture Design, as taught by the co-founder of Permaculture Bill Mollison in Permaculture: A Designers’ Manual.

The Designers’ Manual has been the basis for the Permaculture Designer Certification Course for over 40 years. Beau guides you through the Theory of Permaculture Design chapter by chapter and then works to show how to develop Permaculture Design Strategies and the Implementation of the Permaculture Design Strategies on your site.

The Culmination of your online Permaculture Design Course will be the completion of your very own Permaculture Master Plan Design. Beau will guide you along the step-by-step Permaculture Design Process to teach you all the Permaculture Design Theory and Strategies needed to make your Permaculture Dreams a reality.

Permaculture: A Designers' Manual - Book Cover


SAI’s Online Permaculture Design Course

– Lecture Series Curriculum Components –

The online PDC Lecture Series follows the 14 chapters of Bill Mollison‘s essential masterpiece “Permaculture: A Designers’ Manual“.


Often dubbed “The Bible of Permaculture”, this manual is a cornerstone of Permaculture teachings, written for teachers, students and designers alike.
online Permaculture Design Course - SAI - Introduction to Permaculture

Module 01 – Introduction to Permaculture


Permaculture is grounded by Three Core Ethics: Earth Care, People Care, and Fair Share. Also introduced are the guiding Permaculture Design Principles which open the exploration of Permaculture as a Design Science.

online Permaculture Design Course - SAI - Concepts and Themes in Permaculture

Module 02 – Concepts & Themes in Permaculture


Permaculture as a Design Science is expanded upon through the introduction of Design Concepts and Design Themes. We learn the theory behind Permaculture Design and how to create Concepts and build Themes in our Master Plans.

online Permaculture Design Course - SAI - Methods of Permaculture Design

Module 03 – Methods of Permaculture Design


The Concepts and Themes of our Permaculture Designs are implemented by the Methods of Permaculture Design. We learn to use the Permaculture Design Tool Set to create and integrate our Permaculture Design Systems.

online Permaculture Design Course - SAI - Patterns in Nature

Module 04 – Pattern Understanding in Permaculture


As Permaculturists, we know that Nature is our true teacher and that we must look to her guidance to see how Energy Flows. We learn that, by developing our Pattern Eye, we can unlock the Secrets of Nature. Nature holds all the keys to our future!

online Permaculture Design Course - SAI - Climatic Fcators

Module 05 – Climatic Factors in Permaculture


The understanding of the Global Factors driving our climate and the changes in our climate, in the macro and micro, teaches us as Permaculturists to creatively respond to the changes happening in our Designer Built Environments.

online Permaculture Design Course - SAI – Trees & Their Energy Transactions

Module 06 – Trees & Their Energy Transactions


Learn to Plan, Design, and Implement a perennial food growing system based on the succession and stability of a natural forest. You will learn how trees transact energy and all of the tools to start making Sustainable Food Production a reality.

online Permaculture Design Course - SAI – Permaculture Water Systems

Module 07 – Permaculture Water Systems


We learn how the Global Water Cycle sustains life and how we can design and build Sustainable Water Systems to both harness and clean water. Water is life and in Permaculture Design we work with water to Produce Life.

online Permaculture Design Course - SAI – Soil Science

Module 08 – Soil Science – The Soil Food Web


The soil is the basis for all life. We learn to Work with the Soil to build interactions and help facilitate the conditions for life to flourish. In Permaculture, we Farm the Soil and both Healthy & Nutritious fruits and vegetables are the result.

online Permaculture Design Course - SAI – Earth Works & Earth Resources

Module 09 – Earth Works and Earth Resources


We learn to Use the Earth to solve the problems of agriculture by stopping erosion, de-compacting soils, and starting Perennial Food Systems. We learn to make dams, ponds, micro garden swales, broad-scale swales, and chinampas.

online Permaculture Design Course - SAI – The Humid Tropics Climate

Module 10 – The Humid Tropics Climate


We learn how the Humid Tropics climate works, and how we can utilize Design Strategies and Implementation Techniques to build our Organic Growing Systems and Natural Built Homes to mitigate the effects of the tropics.

online Permaculture Design Course - SAI – Dry Land Climate Strategies

Module 11 – Dry Land Climate Strategies


We learn to combat a Lack of Precipitation, by the developing Water Harvesting Strategies to capture water in our soils and catchments. We learn how to make Water Conservation Gardens and build Natural Homes for Dry / Hot Climates.

online Permaculture Design Course - SAI – Humid Cool to Cold Climates

Module 12 – Humid Cool to Cold Climates


Learn about the Temperate Climates, and how to combat issues such as frost, snow, and cold winds. Learn to use Wind Breaks, Green Houses, and Poly Tunnels to help mitigate the Chilling Effects of the cold on our growing systems.

online Permaculture Design Course - SAI – Aquaculture & Permaponics

Module 13 – Aquaculture & Permaponics


We learn to understand, design, and construct Aquaponic Landscapes. Water growing systems are superior in supporting life than land-based systems and with Permaponics, we learn to harness water for our soil-based growing systems.

online Permaculture Design Course - SAI – Strategies of an Alternative Global Nation

Module 14 – Strategies of an Alternative Global Nation


Learn how the future depends on everyone coming together to Make a Change. Building stronger communities; sharing more is the way. Learn how to use tools, technologies, and policies to Make the World a Better Place.

Online Permaculture Design Course Core Components – Hands-On Practical Course

While Beau is a gifted Permaculture Design Lecturer, his real talent is in the Research, Development, Design, and Construction of Permaculture Design Systems. The Permaculture Design Systems at Rak Tamachat make it one of the premier Permaculture Design Education and Research Institutes in the world.


The Online Permaculture Design Practical Course – Practical Series is what really makes the SAI’s PDC one of the best online Permaculture Courses in the world! You will get a first-person viewpoint of all the Permaculture Design in Hands-on Practicals which will guide you through the running of the Rak Tamachat Permaculture Farm.


Beau uses the Permaculture Design Systems to move the Permaculture Design Classroom outdoors. This shows you how the Permaculture Design Theories and Permaculture Design Strategies discussed in the Lecture Course are implemented on a real operating Permaculture Farm. The Permaculture Design Practicals are what set the SAI Online Permaculture Design Course apart.


Learn the power of Permaculture with Hands-on Teaching in an Experiential Learning Environment.

online Permaculture Design Course - SAI – Making Compost

Module 01 – Making Compost


Compost, the Foundation of Organic Farming. Learn to make Compost with the resources you have at hand. The Step-by-Step Compost Making Process allows you to create the Nutrient-rich organic fertilization your garden needs. Compost forms the Basis of our Permaculture Lifestyle! Feed the Soil and Feed Yourself!

online Permaculture Design Course - SAI – Vermiculture

Module 02 – Vermiculture


The Soil is Life, without good soils we will have poor quality foods. Worms are one of the most important aspects of the “Soil Food Web“. Learn all the Secrets of Farming with Worms (Vermiculture). Learn the Step-by-Step Process, from starting your worm farm, feeding, harvesting, upvaluing by creating niche products, etc.

online Permaculture Design Course - SAI – Designer Soils

Module 03 – Designer Soil


Permaculturists know that all life starts in the Soil. Learn to make Designer Soils by learning how the “Soil Food Web” works and then building the perfect balance of soil additives to make world-class Organic Soil. Our plants love the correct proportions of Nutrients, Structures, and Effective Microorganisms.

online Permaculture Design Course - SAI – Liquid Fertilizers

Module 04 – Liquid Fertilizers


Learn how to make the Correct Soil Structure by adding in Organic Fertilizers. Permaculturists know that to assure the Correct Nutrients are in the food we grow, they must be in the Soil. Learn how to use Anaerobic Composting / Fermentation to make concentrated Nutrient-Rich Organic Liquid Fertilizers.

online Permaculture Design Course - SAI – Plant Propagation

Module 05 – Plant Propagation


Learning how to properly propagate your plants and trees opens the World of Permaculture to you and your family. In this series, you will learn the Five Plant Propagation Techniques used by Professional Permaculturists. Learn how to: Save Seeds, Suckering, Rhizome Separation, Air Layering, and Grafting.

online Permaculture Design Course - SAI – Swales & Levels

Module 06 – Swales & Levels


Permaculture draws on a wide array of Skills, one of the strongest is Earth working. When we start a Permaculture Design after assessing the Site’s Access, we plan the Water Flows with Earthworks using an A-frame and Site Level. Permaculture uses Earthworks to: “Slow it Down, Spread it Out, Sink it In“.

online Permaculture Design Course - SAI – Permaponics

Module 07 - Permaponics


Permaponics was originally developed at Rak Tamachat Permaculture Institute and is based upon the principle of using “Living Soil as the growing medium” in an automated and controlled manner with Integrated Nutrient Cycling. Permaponics utilize the “Soil Food Web” to assure that our food production system has all of the nutrients it needs.

online Permaculture Design Course - SAI – Garden & Food Forests Tours

Module 08 - Garden & Farm Tours


Throughout the practical course, you will be shown Rak Tamachat and its systems extensively, how we work hands-on in different parts of the farm. Khun Lin and Beau Wickboldt give you a guided tour of our Thai garden and Food Forests and where we grow the plants and herbs we use in Thai cooking.

online permaculture design course - Permaculture Design Master Plan Final Project

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Online Permaculture Design Course – Your Final Project: The Permaculture Design Master Plan


In order to complete your online Permaculture Design Course and be awarded your Permaculture Designer Certification, you will need to present to the Sustainable Agriculture Institute your Final Project: A Permaculture Design Master Plan.


What is a Permaculture Design Master Plan?


A Permaculture Design Master Plan is a document where one outlines their planning for the development of a permaculture property, be it a permaculture garden or permaculture farm.


Permaculture Design Courses all across the world have the same requirement: in order to graduate, you need to present a Permaculture Master Plan. This document will demonstrate that you understand and can apply the concepts you have been taught during the course.

In this document, students typically go “from macro to micro” – starting with broad permanent cultural statements, going over site analysis, site design and systems design, to implementation planning, budgeting, and even continuous improvement planning.


At the Sustainable Agriculture Institute, we outlined 10 main sections that should be included in a Permaculture Design Master Plan:

  • Permanent Cultural Statements
  • Farm Classification Definition
  • Site Survey
  • Site Analysis
  • Basis of Design Reference
  • Primary Design
  • Mapping
  • Budgeting
  • Scheduling
  • Continuous Improvement and Innovation
online Permaculture Design Couirse - oPDC - what is a Permaculture Design Master Plan

What Type of Support Do I Get To Produce and Design My Permaculture Master Plan?


In addition to all the material contained in its online Permaculture Design Course videos, the Sustainable Agriculture Institute has developed a comprehensive and detailed downloadable Permaculture Design Master Planning Guidelines document that will help you throughout your Master Planning endeavor.

The Master Planning Guidelines contains over 200 pages of content, with examples and exercises, and has been created by SAI’s educational team to answer most of the questions students would have while creating their own Master Plans.

Since each Permaculture Design is as unique as their sites and designers, students can take what they need from the guidelines to help them create their unique Permaculture Master Plan, having the ability to omit any part which is not reflective of their site, goals, or lifestyle ideals.

Just like its website and online courses, SAI’s Permaculture Design Master Planning Guidelines document is always evolving: every time a student interacts with our team to ask for more detailed explanations, the document gets adjusted for all students to benefit from.


What Happens If I Have Questions?


If you have questions regarding the course content, the Permaculture Design Master Plan, or if you experience technical difficulties, you are always welcome to communicate with us by email and we’ll do our best to assist you.

If you need further assistance regarding your Permaculture Design Master Plan, you can always book an online appointment for a Permaculture Mentorship session, at an additional 35 USD per hour. After having received and reviewed your work, an SAI Permaculture Educator will help you enhance your design to fit your aspirations or explain specific concepts that you need help with.

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Online Permaculture Design Course – Meet Beau Wickboldt, Your Permaculture Design Educator

Beau Wickboldt – Professional Permaculture Designer and Educator


Beau is one of the Leading Permaculture Design Educators in the world today. He works to spread Sustainable Education throughout the world. He climbed the corporate ladder until he found Permaculture Design (his Passion) and decided to take his Permaculture Design Knowledge and put it to work by teaching others. Retiring as a Technical Services Manager, he takes an engineering approach to Permaculture and Natural Building.

Beau works to show how we can break down what may seem like complex Permaculture Design subjects to smaller parts, and then use them to build our Permaculture Systems. He brings Systems-Based Thinking to Permaculture Design and believes in teaching Permaculture “By the Book“, as taught by the founder of Permaculture: Bill Mollison. Beau believes that everyone can be a Master Permaculturist and he makes learning easy by explaining complex subjects in simple language.

As Albert Einstein once said,

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.

Beau has made his Passion the learning of Permaculture Design and Sharing it with the world in a simple, but yet profound, way.

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Online Permaculture Design Course – Professional Permaculture Designer Certification

SAI PDC Certificate Example

Permaculture Designer Certification Certificate Awards


As a graduate of the online Permaculture Design Course, you will be awarded a full Permaculture Designer Certification as bestowed upon the graduates of the Rak Tamachat on-campus course, for the online Permaculture Design Course contains all the components that the on-campus students are taught.


You can learn all the Design Theory, Design Science, Design Strategies, and Implementation Strategies from the convenience of your home, and get a fully certified and recognized Professional Permaculture Designer Certification.


Becoming a professional Permaculture Designer is a life-changing experience and we are proud to be the choice of many of the leading Permaculturists entering the Permaculture Design market, whether it be designing their own farms, working to learn to be a Permaculture Design Educator or a Permaculture Design Consultant.


You can never stop learning about Permaculture, the journey will take you to places you have never imagined. Learn more about SAI’s Permaculture Design Diploma Program and Masters of Sustainability in Permaculture Design Here.

The Online Permaculture Design Course


SAI is proud to offer the Rak Tamachat Online Permaculture Design Course (oPDC)

in an amazing online format!



The online Permaculture Design Course has all the components of a physical PDC,
but can be taken in the convenience of one’s home, in their own time schedule.



The ability of a Permaculture Student to access the online Permaculture Design Curriculum at their leisure

opens the fields of online Permaculture Design and Sustainable Education to an ever-wider audience and helps to bring

the message of Permanent Agriculture and Cultural Systems to a larger field of students.

Learn More about our Sustainability Programs below: