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Useful Features Of The LMS

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1. Mark Complete


This feature allows you to complete a lesson, whether you viewed the lesson video or not.

SAI - LearnDash Vimeo - Mark Complete

By clicking on the “Mark Complete” button, you will be brought to the following lesson or, if you click while on a module’s last lesson, it will bring you to the Module Page.

Note that, once you’ve completed all lessons in a module, you will have to “Mark Complete” the module.

SAI - LearnDash - Mark Complete

You can also find the Mark Complete option in your lesson’s top bar.

SAI - LearnDash - Mark Complete menu bar

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2. Take Notes


The Take Notes feature is a great tool that enables you to take notes while taking your course.

On each lesson page, at the bottom right, you will notice a blue box with the inscription “Take Notes”.

SAI - LearnDash - Take Notes

Once you click on it, a pop-up window will open (with the name of the course, module and lesson you are in) allowing you to take notes on the lesson, or to note down your own thoughts.

SAI - LearnDash - Take Notes pop up
SAI - LearnDash - Take Notes during your lessons

At the bottom of the pop-up window, you are given the option to save your note, print it, or go to see all the notes you have taken so far.

SAI - LearnDash - View all notes

Your notes, once saved, are accessible through that last option, centralized on the “My Notes” page.

You can open them to review, edit, print, or download them.

SAI - LearnDash - Open my notes

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3. Subtitles


Students have the ability to activate subtitles on the lesson videos, which can be useful for those not completely fluent in English, or if you desire to know the proper orthograph of a specific word in order to take notes and/or make more research.

Please Note: though our Educational Team has reviewed the subtitles texts, it might happen that some errors have slipped through. If you notice anything wrongly spelled, please let us know and we make the appropriate corrections.

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4. Downloadable Presentation Slides


In the Lectures Series, on each module, you will have the possibility to download a file containing the module’s presentation slides.

Clicking the “Download Here” orange button will initiate the download of a video file (format .wmv), that you will be able to keep on your desktop and refer to if needed.


SAI - LearnDash - Downloadable Presentation Slides

If you have unanswered questions about how to use our Learning Management System, you can consult our Frequently Asked Questions page, or contact us and we’ll assist you:

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