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Sustainable Agriculture Institute


 Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to Educational Quality Assurance
  2. Quality Policy Statement
  3. Third-Party Auditing of Pedagogy and Curricula
  4. Phases of the ISO Certification and Assurance Process
  5. Teacher Union Membership
  6. Quality Assurance System – Quality Management Procedures


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The Sustainable Agriculture Institute strives to assure that all of our Educational Programs provide a standardized product in line with the International Standards Organizations guidelines for the application of ISO 21001:2018(en) – Educational organizations — Management systems for educational organizations.

The International Standards Organization (ISO) is an independent, non-governmental membership organization, and the world’s largest developer of voluntary International Standards.

The Quality Assurance Management Systems for application of Higher Education Requirements as adopted and implemented by e-campus Education meets the requirements outlined by ISO for the Standardization of Educational practices across international borders. The standard ensures that the SAI Education Platform provides educational services that are reliable and of good quality. For Educational Institutions, the standards are strategic tools that help to assure the quality of education provided.

The SAI Quality Assurance System is maintained on the e-campus platform under the Quality Assurance Application. The Application facilitates the control and assurance of all documents, products, and business processes, as pertaining to the development and implementation of the Institute’s Pedagogy, Taxonomy, and Curricula.

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SAI is committed to delivering quality teaching, research, outreach, and consultancy services that meet the expectations of stakeholders through implementation, monitoring, bench-marking, regular reviews, and continuous improvement, while adhering to all relevant requirements as contained in the Quality Assurance Manual.


Quality Objectives

“The Sustainable Agriculture Institute (SAI) is committed to providing quality teaching and learning, research, consultancy and community outreach services, good governance and management. To achieve these objectives, the Institute’s management has undertaken to use Quality Management System (QMS) to provide services that can be measured against international standards.

Further, the Institute has trained staff on QMS, put in place mechanisms for effective systems such as clearly documented procedures for various activities. To realize the excellence we all desire, we have embraced change and quality service not considered as an act but as a habit by all staff, for the benefit of our customers and stakeholders.

The Institute shall emphasize implementation on agreed processes, review changes with an aim of continual improvement and provision of quality services. Quality is our first priority.”

Beau Wickboldt

Chancellor / Quality Assurance Director

Sustainable Agriculture Institute


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SAI is committed to assuring that our educational programs are of the highest standards and meet the requirements of Professional Educational Institutions.

The Institute works in cooperation with Third-Party External Auditors to make sure the Institute’s Pedagogy, Taxonomy and Curricula structures are controlled by the e-Campus platform, assuring that the learning experience is of the highest level in relation to Professional Educators (Pedagogy), course learning objectives (Taxonomy) and student experiences that occur in the educational process (Curricula).

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We are an ever-expanding educational Institution that is constantly working to create and improve its curricula. As such, we are constantly utilizing the framework set forth in ISO 21001:2018(en) to assure that our systems and education platform meet or exceed the highest level of educational excellence.

SAI assures that all phases of the ISO process are implemented and maintained to the highest level of the guidelines for Higher Education Requirements, outlined in ISO 21001:2018(en) – Educational organizations — Management systems for educational organizations.

The process of continual improvement for Higher Education Assurance is achieved through auditing by Third Party Assurance Professionals in the Education Profession. The Institute also contracts consultants which give guidance where needed on individual technical services, to assure we are staying abreast of the leading best practices in each service area and up to date with all informational technologies.


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SAI believes in the importance of teachers joining and supporting the teachers’ union, as we believe in the need to continue strengthening the organizations which possess the ability and influence to improve the workplace conditions, pay, benefits, and job security of those employed in today’s educational system.


The National Education Association (NEA) is the largest labor union and professional interest group in the United States. It represents public school teachers and other support personnel, faculty and staffers at colleges and universities, retired educators, and college students preparing to become teachers.


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SAI Quality Assurance System is comprised of the following Quality Management Procedures:


SAI/QMS/MP/001Procedure for Control of DocumentsCORPORATE
SAI/QMS/MP/002Procedure for Control of RecordsCORPORATE
SAI/QMS/MP/003Procedure for Internal Quality AuditsCORPORATE
SAI/QMS/MP/004Procedure for Control of Non‐Conforming ProductsCORPORATE
SAI/QMS/MP/005Procedure for Corrective ActionCORPORATE
SAI/QMS/MP/006Procedure for Preventive ActionCORPORATE