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Mushroom Cultivation Course

The Rak Tamachat Mushroom Cultivation Course brings the “World of Fungi to Life”. You will learn all the techniques to grow mushrooms for your home consumption or as a business. Beau’s main passion is Permaculture, but he also is a “Master Mushroom Cultivator” and enjoys sharing his knowledge on the Fungi Kingdom with his students.

Rak Tamachat is blessed to always have “Fresh, Healthy, and Abundant Mushrooms Year Round”. The art of Mushrooms Propagation starts with an intimate knowledge of the preferred growing conditions of mushrooms, as well as their nutritional requirements for good production.

You will be taught all the Mushroom Cultivation Steps From: Making PDA, Tissue & Spore Cloning, Grain Spawn Sterilization, Mother Culturing, Grain Spawn Inoculation, Growing Medium Preparations & Sterilization and finally Inoculating your Grow Bags.

You will also learn how to manage your grow house, compost your spent bags, and we’ll go on harvesting delicious reishi mushrooms to make a homemade medicinal ferment!

The Online Mushroom Cultivation Course will give you all the skills and confidence to start growing mushrooms at home for your own consumption or try your hand at mass spawning of Mushrooms to produce a surplus for sale in the commercial market.

One of the most fascinating aspects of Mushroom Cultivation is the ability to turn what can be considered farm waste (organic plant waste) into “edible proteins”.

Online Mushroom Cultivation Course

SAI - online mushroom Cultivation Course - oMCC

Online Mushroom Cultivation Course, oMCC

20.00 USD

2 Hours – 30 Minutes

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Mushroom Cultivation Practical Course Modules

2 Hours 30 Minutes of Original Content on Mushroom Cultivation for only 20.00 USD.

Module 01 - Process Overview


Beau brings us through the Mushroom Cultivation Process and introduces Colonel Pack Dee, a renowned Thai Mushroom Specialist as as co-teacher.

Module 05 - Tissue Cloning


You will be taught how to tissue clone a Mushroom for cultivation. How to prepare and work in a still air glove box, and the proper way to tissue clone a mushroom.

Module 09 - Preparing The Substrate


You will learn how to prepare you Mushroom Growing Substrate. The correct recipe assures all Nutrients are present your Mushrooms required for Health.

Module 13 - Reishi Harvesting


Follow Beau on a morning quest to harvest more than a kilo of reishi mushrooms throughout the farm. From live trees to dead stomps, here, it grows everywhere!

Module 02 - Making PDA


You will taught the process of making P.D.A. (Potato Dextrose Agar), which is used to host a tissue culture for the cultivation of Mushrooms.

Module 06 - Cloning A Mother Culture


You will learn how to clone a mother culture from your first tissue clone or spore culture a secondary sub-culture. Lern how to preserve your mother culture.

Module 10 - Preparing Grow Bags


Learn how to prepare your grow bags before sterilization: how you can do it manually or mechanically, and assure that you get the most production out of them.

Module 14 - Making A Reishi Ferment


Reishi mushrooms are very much sought after for their medicinal properties. Learn how to make a ferment to extract most of their curative properties.

Module 03 - Preparing The Grain


You will learn the essential step of how to prepare grain for Grain Spawn. Learn the process of preparation, cooking, drying and bottling sterilization for inoculation.

Module 07 - Sterilization & Box Work


Learn how to take appropriate measures to properly sterilize your environment to successfully clone mycelium in a glove box, either from tissue or mother cultures.

Module 12 - Inoculating Grow Bags


Learn how to Innoculate your Mushroom Substrate with the prepared Mushroom Grain Spawn. Learn how to prevent and identify any contamination issues.

Module 04 - PDA & Grain Sterilization


You will learn the correct Temperatures and Pressure for the Centralization of PDA and how to sterilize grain spawn for inoculation from your subcultures.

Module 08 - Inoculating A Log


Learn one of the easiest way to grow mushroom: log inoculation. This technique re-creates natural growing conditions found in forests all over the world.

Module 12 - Grow, Harvest, Compost


You will learn how to properly store, stack and monitor the culture of your Mushroom Substrate Bags, harvest your mushrooms and compost your spent substrate bags.

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