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Travel Policy



Travel on behalf of SAI will be reimbursed for:


1. Transportation costs such as airfare, rail, bus, etc., based on the most commonly traveled means and route consistent with the authorized purpose of the trip.

2. Personal automobile mileage at the maximum rate allowed by the U.S. IRS.

3. Reasonable subsistence expenses such as lodging and meals.

4. Parking charges and tolls.

5. Other reasonable costs such as taxi fares and other ground transportation.

When travel by personal automobile is not the most efficient method of transportation and an individual still elects to travel by personal automobile, reimbursement will be made on the basis of the lesser of the cost of the lowest non-refundable economy air service or the personal auto mileage allowance described in number two above.

Normally, no reimbursement will be made for meals or accommodations necessitated by the additional time en route.

Lodging reimbursements will normally be considered for up to one night prior to the start of business through one night after the conclusion of business, depending on the meeting schedule and the traveler’s origination and destination city.

For example, lodging for a two-day meeting will generally be limited to no more than three nights.

Rental cars should be used only when other suitable means of transportation are not available or when their use would result in savings to SAI.

Expense reports should include original receipts for all charges. Receipts for airfare charged directly to SAI should also be attached.


Air Travel


Tickets for air travel should be procured as far in advance as possible in order to obtain the most economical fares offered by the carrier. Tickets should be purchased from the authorized travel provider identified below.

1. Air travel for trips under 10 hours one-way shall be booked at the lowest non-refundable economy fares.

2. In recognition of the challenges involved in extended air travel, and for the general expectation to conduct business within a relatively short time following arrival, air travel for trips of 10 hours or longer one-way may be booked in business class. Exceptions to this policy are cited below. The measurement of the travel time is based on the scheduled departure time from the origin city until the scheduled arrival time in the final destination city (“gate to gate”). Waiting time during layovers is included in the measurement.

3. For travel to an SAI meeting (exceptions below): in lieu of booking air travel in business class (when the business class policy is applicable), the representative may choose to bring a companion on an authorized trip with both passengers booking at the lowest non-refundable economy fare (plus the cost of premium seats that offer additional legroom), provided that the combined cost of the two economy seats (including the cost of premium seats) is lower than the cost of the one business class seat.

If the representative opts to bring a companion and travel economy, the tickets should be purchased through the authorized travel provider.

Alternatively, the traveler will need to produce sufficient documentation of the complete comparable costs.

Generally, no other costs related to the companion’s travel will be reimbursed by SAI. This companion policy does not apply when an institution other than SAI is paying for the cost of travel.

4. The business class policy does not apply to air travel for trips within the 48 contiguous United States and D.C., which shall be booked at the lowest non-refundable economy fares.

5. The business class policy does not apply to speaker and facilitator travel for SAI conferences and seminars. Speaker and facilitator travel reimbursement is set on a per-event basis by the Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor or his or her designee.

6. The host institution for travel involving a mentor or peer review team is expected to accept this policy as the minimum. Air travel for mentor or peer review team visits may be upgraded beyond this policy if offered and paid for by the institution and agreed to by the peer review team chair.

7. Trips by SAI representatives to any institution, business, or meeting may be upgraded beyond this policy if upgraded travel is the norm and the fare is paid for by a sponsoring organization other than SAI.