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Open Door Policy


Policy brief & purpose


SAI’s Open Door Policy reflects our commitment to transparent and flexible communication between managers and team members. Our employees should be free to speak openly to their supervisors, or other managers and directors.


This policy applies to all employees.

Policy elements

Managers should have their office door open so employees can approach them easily to:

  • Ask for counsel or feedback.
  • Ask questions about a subject.
  • Express a complaint or concern.
  • Raise awareness for a problem.
  • Ask for a resolution to an inside dispute or conflict.
  • Make suggestions for change.
  • Discuss other personal topics.

Benefits of an open-door policy

When employees feel they can speak openly to upper management, we are able to:

  • Address employee concerns in time.
  • Resolve disputes before tensions escalate.
  • Help employees who were victimized or harassed.
  • Seize opportunities to improve processes.
  • Foster a culture of mutual trust and collaboration.

Managers should listen to employees and assure them they won’t get in trouble for speaking up.

But we also ask employees to:

  • Ask for an appointment in advance, whenever possible, if they want to talk about a significant matter.
  • Communicate with their immediate supervisor whenever possible. Employees can bypass their manager if their manager is out of the office or if they are involved in a harassment claim.
  • Try to resolve minor disputes with their colleagues before reaching out to their managers.

In general, managers should encourage employees to share their thoughts and ideas. Managers should not take employee concerns lightly.