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New Hire Policy


Policy brief & purpose


SAI’s New Hire Policy refers to our efforts to help new employees settle in their new job. We will provide new hires with necessary information about their new job and our company, as well as facilitate a rising feeling of comfort around an unknown workplace.


This policy applies to all employees who were recently received and accepted an offer of employment from us.

Policy elements

Our onboarding efforts will aim to:

  • Make new hires feel welcome.
  • Help new hires get to know their team.
  • Provide useful information about their position.
  • Inform our new hire about company principles, new employee orientation, mission, and procedures.


We have implemented steps to meet our onboarding goals. Some of those steps refer to the period before our new hire’s first day and some refer to their first months on the job.

Before a new hire starts work

HR should:

  • Announce our new employee’s start date and basic personal information to other staff of the department (especially their new team.)
  • Enter our new employee’s information in our company database and set up their individual e-mails, accounts, and phones.
  • Create an onboarding program with specific activities, timelines, participants, and documentation.
  • Prepare our new hire’s workspace with all equipment and material necessary.
  • Send an onboarding “package” to our new hire. This “package” will include documents with basic information about their new job (e.g. general duties), our company (e.g. dress code, working hours), and orientation process (e.g. Day 1, Day 2, etc.)

After our new hire starts work

The day our new hire starts working with us

On our new hire’s first day, HR and our new hire’s manager should:

  • Welcome new hires in an organized manner. Everyone involved (reception, manager, co-workers) must be prepared for our new employee’s arrival.
  • Show new hires to their new workstation and help them familiarize themselves with their surroundings.
  • Introduce new hires to colleagues and upper management when applicable.
  • Present important documents to review (Employee Handbook, previous reports, etc.). This paperwork must be kept at a bare minimum so as not to overwhelm our new hire.
  • Give short presentations so our employees can become familiar with our mission, procedures, values, and policies.

Our new hire’s first week on the job

The first few days our new hire spends in our company are important to help them settle in. So, we advise their manager to:

  • Assist our new hire in building a communication network (who to contact for what, who to report to, etc.)
  • Ease employees into their new position by assigning simple but meaningful work from the start. Our employees should not have to deal with urgent work or duties not involved in their job description during their first days.
  • Arrange for our new hire to shadow colleagues during their work so they can get hands-on experience on how things are done.
  • Schedule lunch or breaks so our new hire can socialize.
  • Assign a mentor.

We want our new employees to feel respected and valued early on. Our new hires’ supervisor can implement onboarding activities that aren’t included in this policy. We encourage collective activities since they help new hires feel part of a team.

New recruits may need more than a few days to fully grasp their responsibilities and learn to be productive in their new workplace. On-boarding may go on until the employees feel sure that they can function on their own.