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Bereavement Leave Policy


Policy brief & purpose

SAI’s Bereavement Leave  Policy outlines our provisions for employees who lose a loved one. If this happens, we want to support our employees and allow them time to mourn and cope.


This policy applies to all employees who lose a friend or family member.

Policy elements

When an employee loses a loved one, we will give them 3 days of bereavement leave per year. We will grant this bereavement leave for the following reasons:

  • Arrangement of a funeral or memorial service
  • Attendance of a funeral or memorial service
  • Resolving matters of inheritance
  • Fulfillment of family obligations
  • Personal mourning

An employee may take 2 more days of paid leave if long-distance travel is involved. When employees require additional time off for personal reasons, they may use paid time off or sick leave.


If you need to take bereavement leave, please inform your manager and HR as soon as possible. Normally, we don’t require proof of death. You may need to bring us proof of travel or other documents if you request additional time off.

Managers must adhere to policy regulations and be supportive of their employees during difficult times. You may face disciplinary action if you handle the situation inappropriately (e.g. refuse to approve bereavement leave for any reason.)