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Accessibility Policy


Policy brief & purpose


SAI’s accessibility policy outlines our provisions for people with disabilities. We want to make our premises, services, products, and equipment available to all people respecting their individual needs, dignity, independence, and equal opportunity.



This policy applies to all prospective or current employees of the company, as well as contractors and visitors, who possess a disability of any kind that restricts them in various ways.

Policy elements


We have taken actions to ensure that people with disabilities will be able to move about safely and easily and make full use of our facilities.

Disabilities that this policy refers to include but are not limited to:

  • Conditions that require the use of a wheelchair or other movement support device or mechanism
  • Physical impairments that obstruct everyday activities (e.g. opening doors, walking up the stairs, reading signs, etc.)
  • Visual, hearing, speech, or mental impediment
  • Conditions that require assistance or constant medical care.

Other conditions are subject to the Institute’s judgment and will be considered individually.

We allow assistive devices, service animals, and support persons to be on our Institute’s premises for as long as their services are needed. In areas where animals are prohibited either by law or because of company policy (e.g. in laboratories), we will have a sign and receptionists or other employees are obliged to inform people with disabilities.

We encourage anyone who encounters any problems, malfunctions, or deficiencies to report them to their immediate supervisor or HR.