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Advisory Council Committees




Advisory councils assist SAI management in understanding and meeting the service needs of members and in developing strategies and initiatives. Advisory councils are organized to parallel SAI services or organizational goals. ACC’s are distinguished from Board committees and Board task forces, which are established by Board action to help the Board do its job. The outputs of advisory councils and staff task forces typically will include meeting summaries but also may include “white papers” or other reports that, at the discretion of the Chair, may be presented to the Board.




Advisory councils are created and disbanded at the discretion of the Chancellor. The size and composition may vary depending on the project. At least one member must be a member of the Board to facilitate communication.

Advisory councils are composed of four to six management education leaders from SAI member organizations.

Other individuals may be invited to participate in meetings as subject matter experts or leaders in a particular topic area. Members and chairs of advisory councils are appointed by the Chacellor and serve for terms of one year or more as agreed to by the member and Chancellor.


Operating Guidelines


1. The Chancellor will appoint a staff liaison for each staff task force and advisory council to provide leadership, coordinate activities, and facilitate meetings.

2. The staff liaison will schedule conference calls or periodic face-to-face meetings of staff task forces and advisory councils as necessary (at least one per year). The staff liaison is responsible for meeting agendas and facilitation.

3. SAI staff liaisons will provide meeting materials to the staff task force or advisory council members at least one week before each meeting.

4. Staff task force and advisory council members will comment orally and/or in writing on ideas, projects, and plans. In addition, members will be asked to provide feedback and guidance regarding specific products and services being developed by SAI.

5. Staff liaisons will prepare and distribute meeting summaries to the staff task force and advisory council members within 30 days following each meeting.

6. Members are reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses in accordance with SAI’s travel policy, but members do not receive fees for their services to SAI.