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The Sustainable Agriculture Institute (S.A.I.) and the Rak Tamachat Permaculture and Natural Building Institute (Rak) have joined forces to bring Online Sustainable Education and Permaculture Design  to reach a new world audience. The World famous Rak Tamachat Permaculture Institutes now offwers its Permaculture Design Courses, Permaculture Diploma and Permaculture Masters Degree programs to a wider audience with the SAI Sustainable Partnership. The Sustainable Partnership, allows for Sustainability & Permaculture Design to empower the ever-growing “Permanent Culture Movement. Join the Sustainablity Revolution Today!

Sustainability Program Offerings:

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A Game-Changing Permaculture Partnership


S.A.I. and Rak Tamachat both believe the best way to spread the word of Permaculture is to allow people to learn more about the Power of Sustainability. We have worked hard to be able to give away a Free Online Permaculture Design Course Introduction. The Free iPDC is comprised of the first two Chapters of the “Permaculture: A Designers’ Manual” used in the Permaculture Design Certificate Course.  We feel that, by offering the Free Online Permaculture Design Course Introduction, we will be able to help spread the concept of Permaculture Design to a larger audience. If you like what Permaculture Design is all about and believe it can help the world, then you can look into taking our full online Permaculture Design Course PDC and getting your Permaculture Designer Certification, in order to become a Professional Permaculturist. With online Permaculture Design, we hope that you will find your passion and a calling, and take the steps to change your life to one of Sustainability and Peace with Nature.


We have worked hard to Share Permaculture Design with the World and have tons of Permaculture Videos on our Youtube Channel. If you want to learn more about how Permaculture Design can Help Save the World, please Subscribe.

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Sustainable Agriculture Institute’s Fundamentals

Ethics & Principles SAI is rooted in the Permaculture Design Ethics and Principles: People Care, Earth Care and Fair Share. It takes a strong moral compass and dedication to change the world one PDC at a time.

SAI is a Founding Member of the Permaculture Design Revolution. As they say: Permaculture is just Revolution Disguised as Gardening! We’re making the world we want a reality.

Learning Methodology SAI´s complete online Permaculture Design Course training system is based on leading online teaching practices. SAI: Bridging the Gap between online learning and practical application.

That’s right: if you don’t think you’ve got the Best Online Sustainability Courses on the market, just let us know within 7 days and we will give you a full refund. No questions asked.

Courses Curriculum SAI maintains core Curriculum structure for each of its courses based on the leading subject matter authorities, and Utilizes Cutting-edge Technology to bring knowledge transfer to life.

SAI operates on the Principles of Permaculture Ethics and, as such, we choose to operate as a not for profit business. Care for the Plant, Care for the People and FAIR SHARE!

Don´t follow the herd Learn to create the lifestyle you desire. Permaculture teaches you the Path to Self-sustainability, by growing your own food, building your own natural house, inspiring others, and much more.

The SAI Curriculum Managment System is founded on the assurance principles outlined by the International Standard Organizations Guides for Higher Education Institutions.

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As a Social Outreach Organization, the Sustainable Agriculture Institute

Donates 10% of All Revenues

to Planting Trees with the Rak Tamachat Reforestation Fund.

1. You Purchase

You purchase a course from SAI.

2. We Donate

SAI donates 30 to 200 USD to Rak Tamachat’s Tree Fund.

3. Rak Plants

Rak Tamachat plants 3 to 20 Trees in your name.

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The Online Education Facilitation Tool Kit

“Making Learning Fun Again”

We believe that both the Natural World and the Technological World must Coexist and Collaborate. In order for us to rise, thrive and manifest a better and more balanced Life, we as Human beings must create the world we want. Guided by modern educational methodologies and supported by the Knowledge of Permaculture Pioneers and the most well-recognized environmentalists, eCampus brings us the future of open education. SAI proudly offers you the first Learning Management System in the world Specifically Designed to afford you the best online Permaculture Design Course Experience.

Advanced Learning Tools

On-Screen Slides

Get visual support with additional information, images, and infographics to further your understanding as the teacher delivers the content of the lessons.

Downloadable Lecture Slides

You can download all the Permaculture Lectures PowerPoint Slides, so you will always have reference to your Permaculture Design Course.

Video Subtitles

All the course videos have subtitles, allowing easy watching for non-native English speakers. Just turn it on or off on your video player!

Course Notes Taking Feature

Our LMS gives you the ability to take notes on each lesson while learning, and then save or print them at the end of your course with ease!

Flexible Learning Environment

One Year of Course Access

You can start your course at any time and have one year to complete your course and submit your Permaculture Master Plan.

Learning Managment

The Learning Managment System allows the online student to navigate the online Permaculture Design Curriculum with ease.

Online Student Support

Students can easily ask questions to our educational team concerning their Permaculture Design learning journey.

Educator Review

Video calls can be booked to discuss your Permaculture Master Plan Design Review with a real Permaculture Educator.

World-Class Reliability

ISO Compliant

Educational Quality Assurance International Standards Organizations – 21001:2018(en) – Educational organizations – Management systems for educational organizations.

Professional Educators

You will be learning from Beau Wickboldt, who is ranked as one of the world leading Permaculture Educators and Design Consultants.

Designer Certification

Full Permaculture Designer Certification complete with a dual certificate from Rak Tamachat & the Sustainable Agriculture Institute.

Money Back Guarantee

A 7-Days Money back guarantee: if you’re not fully satisfied with our Design Course, just let us know and we will refund you in full – no questions asked.

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Not Convinced Yet?

No worries, try our Free Online Permaculture Design Introduction!

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Need Any Assistance?

At SAI, Sustainable Education and Permaculture Design are our Passions and we are always happy to answer any questions you may have concerning any of our Sustainability or Permaculture Design Courses.

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Learning Management System

The SAI Learning Management System (LMS), known as the eCampus, allows for our Permaculture Students to have an immersive learning experience, with a guided Permaculture Design educational journey facilitated by our custom-built platform. The e-Campus platform affords SAI students with a world-class portal to learn all about Sustainability and Permaculture Design. Learning: because SAI uses it to deliver Sustainability and Permaculture Design education courses to our students. Management: because it helps SAI organize its Sustainability Courses (create them, change them, assign them, grade them, etc). System: last but not least, is just a fancy word that translates to “software“. An LMS is a computer program. Just like Word helps you write documents and Gmail helps you manage your emails, an LMS is a software program that helps SAI to create, manage and deliver eLearning Sustainability Courses.

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The Rak Tamachat Permaculture Design Institute Campus



The Rak Tamachat Education Permaculture Design Institute was designed from scratch to be a Permaculture and Natural Building Education Institute for Permaculture Asia. A Permaculture Master Plan was commissioned to assure that the Permaculture Design Institutes Campus would have all of the facilities necessary to provide a world-class Permaculture Design educational experiences. The Permaculture Campus is located in an idyllic rural farming area, three hours from the capital of Thailand, Bangkok. The location adds to the authenticity of the Permaculture Design Institute in providing not only a showcase for international students but also the local Thai farming community. Listed as one of the Best Permaculture Design Campuses, Rak boasts over 3,000 SM under roof, which allows ample space for all the Permaculture activities a student needs in order to learn Hands-on Permaculture. From the Communal Sala to the Amazing Permaculture Design Lecture Classroom and Tranquil Bungalows, all aspects of the Permaculture farm have been well designed and constructed out of Natural Materials. The Permaculture Campus is a showcase for the Natural Building Techniques taught on the Institute’s Natural Building Courses. The international standards of construction make the Rak Tamachat Permaculture Farm more of a “Permasort“, but that is what a great Permaculture Master Planning and fun work can achieve!

Sustainability Program Offerings:

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